Sep 30, 2010

Face your... half face... still no two face

I think 6 or 7 years ago I worked for an online game, called KALANDOR. Temesi P├ęter was coloring some online comic book pages of mine, he also did covers and we did a poster for the game. It was linework by geek, colors by Hopsy.
Today, someone wrote a letter, that she may be thinking about getting it as a tattoo, but she remembers the pic being both sides.
I would never stand in the way of anyone ruining her skin, since I have tattooes as weell :)) So I photoshoped in the rest in about 2 minutes... Yes I know the little hair thingies on the hat look terrible that way, but give me a break, I did it in 2 minutes :))) Yay for bungling....
Bungling. I love that word, Do any of you actually still use that?

Sep 27, 2010

something something two side

This is sooo the first time I was able to use real comic book papers. It's strathmore Bristol vellum 11" *17"  260 g so it's a real heavy beast.
I have never used such paper before. It's different. harder to draw on with pencils, but a delight to ink.
I did however do two incredibly lame pages, so much work needs to be done!
Will come back with better pages OR ELSE!!!
What do you think?

Slow Monday

Today's meeting was incredibly quick and to the point, so I only had time for a quickie, in less than ten minutes.
Hope you all like...

Sep 22, 2010

Vincenzo DN03 Chipdrops

Done last year or so, for a crazy talented weirdo, who still works for crytek.
You can find him here:
As for the image, he made 8 bit music, but the image is made of 16 colors, like a commodore64, hence the pixely goodness. Comments most welcome

Sep 20, 2010

Monday calling

Another week, another sketches from some meetings cut together. I don't want you to think I don't participate in those meetings, it's just fun to doodle between sentences.

Sep 15, 2010

F***ed Up Unicorns

First two drafts for a design, that was supposed to be funny.. You know... Cute unicorns and skullheads... or something... Yea yea... I know, didn't turn out funny so I scrapped them. If there was a scrap folder this would be on the top of the pile :)
Does anyone like? You know people, you are asked and allowed to comment dammit :P
I know where you hide your children!

Sep 10, 2010


Well not exactly, but she was done as a cover for a hungarian band, but was never used. They said it is too manga. (true) Do any of you like?

Sep 9, 2010

Step by Step

When Mytran wars on the platter we did some pics to show the transition from concept to 3D.
I don't think we ever used the stuff, so I'm going to show them here now a year late. Also! Remember this was for PSP so don't write how low poly everything is :)

Mytran Wars... good ole' times :)

Tonight I was going through some old folders so there can be  more space on my pc for important stuff... You know, like Hulk movies, girl on girl action and video games.
Found some old stuff on my drive from a a few years back. In 2007-2008 a now defunct Stormregion was working on a psp title, called MYTRAN WARS where I was allowed to write the story, and do 90% of the concept art and all the comic like cutscenes... There was more than 50 I think. The game launched in 2009 october, metacritic gave it a 68 out of 100. Fair enough. Looking back now, there is soooooo much I personally fucked up on this, but hope to learn from those mistakes.
Anyway... It can be shown now
(OH yeah! Important Side note... As I said I did the concepts etc. NONE of the 3D was done by me!)

Sep 8, 2010

meetings are fun

So I am a lead artist for Nadirim which means we have meetings of all sorts. Sometimes they are useful, and sometimes I wish a stray freight train would hit me in the eye. All in all it's mostly important though :)
It also leaves time for pen doodles :)


Breaking in new pens and creating mayhem! Two in one

Sep 7, 2010

Liverpool girls

So I have this really great story about these two sisters from Hungary, who moved out to Livepool a few years ago, but I cannot tell it, for they would be in trouble, and I would be dead...
However, I can tell yo this: they are incredibly nice and insane people. I love them. They are kinda like unicorns on crack. My kinda people, so I visit them when I can. I will fly to them in october and bring them turo rudi and other nice stuff, but they always nag me to draw for them.
So, as a first post here at the orange hell, let's publish some giftart :)
Hope y'all like

welcome to my orange corner of hell

Hi! My name is Barnabas Abrai, a lead artist at the moment in the employ of DR
I have also written and drawn comic books, so this is going to be mainly me publishing artwork, from my comics, and the game Nadirim, for which we are responsible.
The main reason for doing this is so I could follow Eric Canete
But I do promise you get to see interesting stuff here, if you like games and comics :)
So I will try to keep this entertaining!