Jan 30, 2011


So yeah, I don't know if you are a nerd, or not, but hell!!! They killed of Cobra Commander? How dare they? Actually they should dare and I apploud for them, but the commander was as important to me, as Al Bundy, or vile. E. Coyote, when I grew up.
(P.S.: screw you evil road runner bird, your reign of terror should end, no more coyotes should run into painted wall tunnels and die miserably!)
But killing off major characters is cool and since I'm a dick, I would want someone like the baroness in charge of Cobra, so obviously I would want someone like this chick I drew in less than 5 minutes to represent my favorite evil organization.
No clue who or what Luna is, and another girl pic, SHAOLIN DEAD GIRL for president!!!


Pen doodles...
I adore frogs! Frogs will someday rule the world and push red buttons and say ribbit a lot!
A colleague of mine is into pigs, so yeah, had to do a pig too.
And third...
HYPPOlita.... Get it??? I so deserve a beating for that one.

A monday that is a friday

Advanced Scrum training is about 17 hours long. It is awesome and important, but leaves you 5 minutes every hour for some doodles to make... So yeah, there it goes
Task master, the badass dude with a mom tattoo, and a female Joker and another Joker wearing batman pajamas.