Feb 14, 2011

The most horrible day of the year

Yes, not much to say, nothing that other clever and stupid people have not said before... If you are a hot chick this is for you :D
I was too lazy to actually color it, so sorry.
I love you hot wimin :) I still hate you mr. valentine day :)

Feb 7, 2011

Insane people are inky peoplizing

Back in the day, when dinosaurs roamed the supermarkets and god has barely created the apple and the snake, there was an online game called KALANDOR. About 8 years ago we did a promo pic for it mainly derived from an old Marc Silvestri Spawn pinup, but with hungarian heroes.
The piece was colored by Peter Temesi and drawn by me.
Today I got an e-mail with a leg and I have to share it, for it is made of pure awesome The leg guy says it's not done, yet, it will have color and everything! Promised to send pics when it is done:)