Nov 19, 2014

Shaolin Dead Girl cover

Drawn some time ago, this is one of those projects that I care about, but am to lazy to do it just in my free time. I think this was done 2013 june
Logo missing
I may revisit this and do a new one :)

Nov 6, 2014

Racoon and racks

Found these two from previous drink and draw as well.
Sexy nurses are hot.. I want a sexy nurse dammit!
Also, Rocket racoon is the only one of his kind, so I think Marvel should give him a missus Racoon with... racks.... sorry...

Posthumus inktober the second

and we continue our scheduled program, still more retarded sketches from the inktober and the drink and draw.
  • Spider-elephant, which should get its own series... You know a radioactive elephant pinches a spider?
  • a random guy falling towards a random object, 
  • saga fanart whish is a pin in the ass if you don't know what they look like :)
  • Spidey and the Rhino... and a car
  • and the end of Hollywood, Yetis In Space III. the motion picture legend!

Nov 5, 2014

Posthumus Inktober

Couldn't quite finish inktober in october, as I got sick, but before that did a lot of sketches, and yesterday did some new ones in a drink and draw, so I will posthumusly post these quick sketches and ideas here, Hope you like some of them
We have here...
classic avengers,
a baboon candyman, who just loves little girls... (don't ask what's wrong with me)
the obvious conan-cow-spider-ninja-man
random ninja robo star wars twilek thingie...
Pirate-with huge-nipples guy

Huh??? Isn't that something? .)))