Apr 19, 2011

Again! Not my work, I just work here :P
As said before I am lead artist at NADIRIM, and this is the kind of coo l stuff I get to direct :))))
Created for Nadirim By Richard Vass and colored by Peter Tikos

Apr 16, 2011

what a flash

I know it's embarassing, but this story yet agains begins with.... 5 years ago... (I need to draw something fresh)
In SUSHI STRIP 2 I was fortunate enough that Gáspár Tamás  agreed to draw a little story of mine born of a forum remark (of all things).Well yeah I had to beg him for months, but that's a different story.
Now, as with "Light of our eyes", this was uploaded on PAPIRMOZI as well.
(sorry only in hungarian)

Apr 12, 2011


Some of you may know Witchblade and a smaller group may know Kriszti, the wife of a colleague when we were working for Stormregion.
She's a dead ringer for a certain blade wielding character :)
(thank you Kriszti for letting me use a photo)