Apr 25, 2014

DnD Captains

April is nearing end, a few days after watching Captain America winter soldier, another drink and draw was held, so it is all about the hail hydra stuff now :) Plus there exists something of a captain hungary... kinda... so they had to meet.
Original Captain Hungaria was drawn by Peter Tikos

Apr 14, 2014

MOOOOOOORE drink and draw

Yeah, I don't care, if you like drink and draw or not, but you should, because it is fun, and gives some of us an axcuse to sit down and have some okay time :)

An old Lady octopus knife wielding monster thing with a man's face as a shoulder... yep... What it says.

Dracula thingie, done in seconds

Always have a frog in your pictures!

classic werewolf is being classic!

something something clever, yadda yadda something funny

What more can one say. A viking ice cream vendor

Drink ad Draw from april

Blogspot changed how to log in and the stupid git I am I was locked out of my account for the past 4 months.
Not that anyone is watching.
Anyway here are some fun doodles I did in april in a drink and draw thingie.
Hope you like them, leave a comment!


For the hungarian site
It is about travelling :) children's rhime stuff :)