Oct 15, 2014


today's inktober is here
I'm getting on the wrecking Ball wagon a bit too late

Limanova Polish language

The Polish comic book now in all glorious polish language!

Drink and Draw Inktober PART 2

Yeah I don't even know what to say here... weird alien walking a roboglobe... wendigo and dead cheerleader...  and the obvious bunny eating Wolverine... Really scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

Oct 14, 2014

Drink and Draw Inktober PART 1

Today was one of the best drink and draw yet, at least in my demented opinion.
We have here I AM BATMAN (raspy voice...) With a Deniro Taxi Driver twist...
one of the tasks was: The Devil's guitar player, so there!
And some random old dude with some random young wiminfolk, cause.. that's what I like :)

Limanova magyarul

This is for Hungarians, and maybe Polish people!
Once upon a time in the first world war...
But you know, what? I'd rather link it:
So I was fortunate enough to be asked for this, and now it is on a moving exhibition across Poland!
Hungarian version

Oct 13, 2014

OINKtober... get it??? the pig... huhh huhh funny???

Spiderminator should definitely get his own ongoing series!
I have not done Hungarian themed stuff and now yesterday THIS happened, Body Bags a la Hungarian style, and now here we are with anciant hungarian archer Thanos...
pigs because... pigs are cool man!
Whatever happened to matter eating lad after his career got  sidetracked. He is now working in the junkyards of Chernobyl

Inktober is rolling

well not so much rolling, but occasionally passing by :)
I love Body bags from the great Jason Pearson, Today's quick sketch was a "what would a Hungarian Panda and Clownface look like"
... You know, not so cool, bit on the lame side, :)
Central european underage anorexic girl with a skinhead maybe??? Not meant to offend, just fun

Oct 11, 2014

Inktober is good

I really like the idea of Inktober.Here are some more random sketches.
Remember the argument in Big Bang Theory between Leonard and Sheldon, whether a hipo or koala hybrid soldier would be superior? I would totally use space chimp thingies :)

Oct 10, 2014


More Inktober sketches. I am sorry, I can't do one every day, but I am doing like five in a week, hope that counts as well.

Oct 9, 2014

random things

2 absolutely random sketches with so much sense that it makes no sense...