May 26, 2012


Get it??? Loki,... Joker.. .Loker???
huhh?? Huhh?? ...
I am so sorry :(

May 25, 2012

brother where art thou

50 years of sibling rivalry now a huge motion picture :)
It is so strange that 10 years ago when I explained to any girl that comics are cool and Thor is a legit character they gave me this... "shut up and do your stuff slave" look. Now thanks to Chris Hemsworth and the like, it is suddenly so cool :)
Goes to show...

Whenever you want to make something cool... Use cool stars :)

May 23, 2012

The Dervish House

Ian Mcdonald wrote a great book called THE DERVISH HOUSE.
AD ASTRA is the hungarian publisher of the book, and they asked for two comic book pages to sponsor and market the book.
this was so much fun to draw :)
I am sorry but I am not able to upload the end product here, because it is a PDF. So I uploaded blank JPG s instead. BUT
check out the pdf at:
I cheated a lot since I didn't actually draw this on paper, but rather went all computer kung fu.
Used tons of photos and google stuff, then I opened a new layer and drew on them.
Added two color layers. An overlay for the reds and one multiply for the actual colors.

Go visit AD ASTRA they are a fun bunch and publish excellent books in Hungary.


May 19, 2012


Tonight I was watching Arthur and tried to come up which mass effect character to fanart, but in the middle of the process I see my hand doodling in photoshop something. So I finished it... not using any layers and leaving it just like it came...

May 5, 2012

Poster Goodness

So Mr. Cserkuti was kind enough to tell some of us about this cool marketing thingie, where a hungarian firm made a quizz.
You have to guess three movies by making kind of posters for them . It is awesome fun.
Check them out HERE! (sorry text is in hungarian.)
Also take a look at Mr. Felvideki
and Mr. Fritz

Can you guess which three are mine?
Give you a few hints...
It's not reindeer games, it's not Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, nor Plan 9 from outer space