Jan 27, 2015


More from the guys who can slice your DNA anytime :)
I have to say I kinda like the Usual suspect Minion thing as an idea :) There's money and Hollywood in that one :)))

Jan 26, 2015


Hi there,

So there is this nifty little company called OMIXON
Here they are on facebook, go like them!

We have a monthyl pic coming from them which is fun to draw. I asked them if it is okay to post them here as well, they said, sure :)
So here we go, some "cartoons" done for them.
They have a weird sense of humor, just roll with it :)

Jan 14, 2015

More from yesterday evening. I won't ruin your childhood by uploading Bruce Whiskers from Purr hard

Drink and Draw this month :) first batch. More coming up!