Nov 8, 2010

ye olde staffe

Well only 7 years ago... (I'm really up to date, eh?)
An acquaintance of mine had the brilliantly insane (and demented) idea to actually publish his own poems in book format, even worse he had me doing the cover... The absolute fail part? He didn't even tell me what should be on the cover. "you're the artist, you know what looks good..." (yeah, right)
So this is me 7 years ago fucking up a good book with terrible orange colors and doing my best (lame) Ashley Wood photoshop skills. YAY for suck!

Nov 2, 2010

You'll never guess it's monday, for it is tuesday! HAHH!

yeah, so there... Haven't put up any real work lately, just these monday meeting thingies, sorry, I will promise not to promise anything!