Oct 13, 2018


Another DnD characeter. She is being played by a lovely co-worker at the company :)

Aug 22, 2018

more pescy character sketches

These DnD characters just keep on coming :D
okay this one is actually for someone playing MAGUS, a Hungarian RPG world.

Aug 2, 2018

Jul 27, 2018

Jun 8, 2018

even more DnD doodling :)

Heya, I know these aren't exactly portfolio material, or even good most of the time, but we have been playing a lot of dungeons and dragons lately, and I get a real kick out of creating quick sketches for the players :) So here are some more.

Apr 26, 2018


Yet another DnD character sketch :)
Trickery domain Cleric dwarf noble character :)

Mar 2, 2018

DnD 5 characters

More DnD 5 characters from our adventures :)
Just quick sketches, but much fun to play :)
An ecromancer elf, and a wood elf life domain cleric who suspisciously looks like Shaggy and Scooby Doo. He is a hermit, who grew up on.... herbal medicine....