Mar 26, 2011

judge color

salalalallllaaa.. It's saturday evening and instead of going out and having sex, I'm watching reruns on tv and playing on facebook and xbox...
I do suck!
Anyway colored the judge mental thingie. Enjoy if you have nothing better to do on a saturday evening :)

Nadirim building.

This is the biggest lie here so far, for I have not much to do with the next video.
I am lead artist at NADIRIM, which is an awesome opportunity to coach some of the coolest artists.
The game is coming along and one of our guys did this, and I do want to share it, for it looks awesome!
Done by mad VARGA ZSOLT! Yay Zsolti :)

Mar 19, 2011

light of our eyes (szemünk fénye)

Hey there!
Sorry, this is mostly for hungarians.
In 2005 I had a self published comic  called SUSHI STRIP
Only a 100 copies were printed, but was a lot of fun to do.
 Anyway, for some reason people liked it, and one of the stories was republished twice so far and now it is online too. Yay for online!
Check it out, and the other online comics as well, or else!!!!

here is the link:


Mar 8, 2011

No Thx... really.. don't

There are aweseome people and awesomerererer people :)
David Cserkuti happens to be the latter. Fortunately he's quite busy! He even did some work for Nadirim , the online game where I work as lead artist. (or art director? never sure what it is)
He was asked to do a cd cover for a hungarian band a few years ago.
Long story short he got me to do pencil and ink on the cover and a small comic book even, which was colored by Artur Harant and also was helped out by Peter Tikos (who by the way also happens to work for Nadirim :)
Anyway I will not get cookies, for I loathe the band, but I loved what Artur and the others did to my scribblings, making them alive, so I will upload some black anfd white and some color pages.
Oh yeah, side note, Had to do the cover and .. umm guess about 8 pages in 4 or 5 days, so I opted to do the whole thing on the computer, to make sure the project could be finished on time. Hence it's a bit dry and rigid, but I just love the colors :)

Mar 6, 2011

Syndicate 2008

Found this on my computer while defragmenting.
Stormregion ( was discussing the possibility of a syndicate game (the legendary bullfrog one)
Obviously nothing happened, but as I recall I got so excited, I did some incredibly lame and shitty concept sketches on the spot. The thing was forgotten, till I found them on my hard drive today, so now you have to suffer and see them.
I think the idea was that boys are blue, girls are pink, and they all have holo badges, and when you look down on the map, those flash up, so that the player could have seen and selected them from far away. Or something something.

Mar 3, 2011

Judge Mental

The worst kind of wordplay on a best kind of pub night.
I don't think anyone will ever come up with cooler looking characters, than judge Dredd and Marshal Law.
Just some fun 20 minutes sketch