Sep 9, 2010

Mytran Wars... good ole' times :)

Tonight I was going through some old folders so there can be  more space on my pc for important stuff... You know, like Hulk movies, girl on girl action and video games.
Found some old stuff on my drive from a a few years back. In 2007-2008 a now defunct Stormregion was working on a psp title, called MYTRAN WARS where I was allowed to write the story, and do 90% of the concept art and all the comic like cutscenes... There was more than 50 I think. The game launched in 2009 october, metacritic gave it a 68 out of 100. Fair enough. Looking back now, there is soooooo much I personally fucked up on this, but hope to learn from those mistakes.
Anyway... It can be shown now
(OH yeah! Important Side note... As I said I did the concepts etc. NONE of the 3D was done by me!)

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