Jun 22, 2014

Artist Petting Zoo Comic book

Sorry this is mostly for Hungarians only,
was a few weeks ago. One of the projects was that you sit down and draw a few comic pages while people mingle. It was called "artist petting Zoo"
művészsimogató for you hungarian fashionardos.
There was no script, but it had to involve time travel.
My comic was about a guy you can employ to go into the timestream and steal you some time for your needs! It's kind of crappy, shows that it was drawn in about 4 hours including eating and mingling :)
Műút is a nice online forum with lots of interesting stuff take a look around and look at all the other comics as well :)

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  1. Csak halkan jegyzem meg, hogy az elejin meg egy naprol volt szo, nem pedig egy orarol ...