Mar 8, 2011

No Thx... really.. don't

There are aweseome people and awesomerererer people :)
David Cserkuti happens to be the latter. Fortunately he's quite busy! He even did some work for Nadirim , the online game where I work as lead artist. (or art director? never sure what it is)
He was asked to do a cd cover for a hungarian band a few years ago.
Long story short he got me to do pencil and ink on the cover and a small comic book even, which was colored by Artur Harant and also was helped out by Peter Tikos (who by the way also happens to work for Nadirim :)
Anyway I will not get cookies, for I loathe the band, but I loved what Artur and the others did to my scribblings, making them alive, so I will upload some black anfd white and some color pages.
Oh yeah, side note, Had to do the cover and .. umm guess about 8 pages in 4 or 5 days, so I opted to do the whole thing on the computer, to make sure the project could be finished on time. Hence it's a bit dry and rigid, but I just love the colors :)

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