Sep 30, 2010

Face your... half face... still no two face

I think 6 or 7 years ago I worked for an online game, called KALANDOR. Temesi Péter was coloring some online comic book pages of mine, he also did covers and we did a poster for the game. It was linework by geek, colors by Hopsy.
Today, someone wrote a letter, that she may be thinking about getting it as a tattoo, but she remembers the pic being both sides.
I would never stand in the way of anyone ruining her skin, since I have tattooes as weell :)) So I photoshoped in the rest in about 2 minutes... Yes I know the little hair thingies on the hat look terrible that way, but give me a break, I did it in 2 minutes :))) Yay for bungling....
Bungling. I love that word, Do any of you actually still use that?